Funding FAQs

How do I fund my program?

Students typically pay for study abroad through a combination of financial aid, scholarship, grants and personal funds. Study abroad costs vary depending on the program a student selects. While some programs are more expensive, the majority of programs are similar to what you would spend at GVSU and some may even be less. There are 15 GVSU programs that may save a student money when compared to the cost of a semester at GVSU, including the price of airfare.

Any financial aid a student receives at GVSU can be applied to a study abroad program. There are also scholarships and grants available to help students study abroad.

To make a complete budget for your program, follow the steps in the Study Abroad Funding Packet. This packet will help to calculate exactly how much your abroad experience will cost and help to identify the sources of funding.

Questions about funding study abroad? 
Contact the Padnos International Center


Page last modified July 9, 2018