Academic Records

The Registrar's Office is happy to assist students with all academic records request. We provide students and alumni with transcripts, enrollment verifications, reverse transfer information, and any additional records request.

Request a Transcript - Information on how to request an official Grand Valley transcript.

Transcript Request FAQs - Frequent questions regarding official transcript request.

Reverse Transfer - Reverse transfer allows students to increase their credentials by earning an associate's degree while pursuing a bachelor’s degree program.

Enrollment and Degree Verifications - If a student would like to verify their enrollment for a third party, they can do so through their myBanner. Information on how alumni, employers, or background check firms can verify a student's degree.

Readmission to GVSU - The process students who are no longer attending Grand Valley should complete to enroll in courses again.

Guardian/Family Access - Students are able to grant proxy access to make secure payments, view grades and tax information, and other options through Guardian/Family Access.

Blackboard Photo Rosters - Details on your student ID picture appearing on Blackboard photo rosters for faculty.

myName Request - Identify a professional or personal name without changing your legal name.

Name Change - Students can request a name change; understand where your name change will appear and what additional steps may be necessary.

Veterans Services - Our VA Certifying officials can help veterans with their GI Bill.

Page last modified July 10, 2018