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Faculty and staff sketches

  • Allendale Campus looking at Cook Carillon Tower

Posted on June 07, 2019


Ivo Soljan, professor of English, gave a presentation of his bilingual anthology of Croatian poetry at AMCA, the Croatian-American cultural society, in Toronto, Canada.

Denise Goerisch, assistant professor of liberal studies, wrote a chapter, "Doing Less with Less: Faculty Care Work in Times of Precarity," for a book, Intersectionality and Higher Education: Identity and Inequality on College Campuses; and wrote an article, "Operation Thin Mint: Popular Geopolitics of Care and Post 9/11 Girlhood," published in Young Nordic Journal of Youth Research

Bopi Biddanda, professor of water resources Institute, gave a presentation, "First Tango: Synchronized Day-night Migration of Microbial Mat Communities in Lake Huron's Sinkholes," at the Planet Water Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico; and wrote a postcard about the exploration of submerged sinkholes in Lake Huron, published in Eos, Earth & Space News.

Peter Anderson, professor of Classics, gave the plenary address, "Developing the 'Fifth Skill' through the Reworking of Historical Texts," at an international conference, Digital Approaches to Teaching Historical Languages, in Berlin, Germany.

Allison Manville Metz, associate professor of theater, presented a play she wrote, "Victors of Character," at the annual meeting of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation in Washington, D.C.

Alisha Davis, assistant professor and interim chair of allied health sciences, was appointed to the National Advisory Council for the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education. Davis is also co-chair for Grand Valley's Black Faculty and Staff Association. 

The Division of Student Services hosted the Michigan Association of Student Conduct Administrators spring conference, and staff members Anne Jbara, Aaron Haight, Kristen Evans, Jeff Stoll and Jake Stodgel gave presentations.

Carla Floyd-Slabaugh, assistant professor of occupational therapy, gave three presentations, "Concussions Across the Lifespan," "Educating Occupational Therapy Practitioners on Pediatric Executive Function," and "Augmented Reality to Simulate and Instruct," at the American Occupational Therapy Association conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Kathryn Christopher, visiting faculty of integrated engineering, gave a presentation, "What It's Like on the Other Side," at the University Innovation Fellows Silicon Valley Meetup at Stanford University.

Kristin Meyer, user experience librarian for the University Libraries, was a co-author of a chapter, "Not What You Expected: Implementing Design Thinking as a Leadership Practice," for a book, Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Advances in Library Administration and Organization.