The policies included in the Faculty Handbook for the 2017-2018 Academic Year is located on the Policies website, which is the authoritative location for policies approved by the University's Board of Trustees (formerly housed in the "Administrative Manual") and President's Cabinet (formerly housed in the "Grand Valley Manual") and certain other policies such as those contained in the Faculty Handbook and Student Code.  

The 2017-2018 Faculty Handbook Table of Contents -
Please note that the links in the Table of Contents go to the Policies website.


The 2016-17 Faculty Handbook changes included:

  • Contents aligned with Administrative Manual and current practices.
  • Updates to University Committees, including adding an Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee, and revising the University Assessment Committee membership.
  • Replacing the Newspaper Advisory Board with the Student Media Advisory Board.

The 2015-16 Faculty Handbook changes included:  

  • Revisions to various committees, including Academic Computing Advisory Committee name change, membership & purpose; Campus Life Committee membership; Computing Policy and Planning Committee eliminated; Faculty Facilities Planning Advisory Committee membership; Faculty Teaching & Learning Center Advisory Committee description; New Program Council membership; University Judiciary Committee name change to University Conduct Committee; Writing Skills Committee description
  • ECS Timeline for Agenda Distribution Change; 
  • Review of New Minors;
  • Course Grade Information; 
  • Curricular Review of New Programs; 
  • Faculty Activity Plans / Faculty Activity Reports (FAP / FAR)

The 2014-15 Faculty Handbook changes included:

  • Revisions to University Assessment Committee Membership
  • Change in Faculty Workload Expectations language
  • Adding Graduate Student Representation on Committees
  • Defining Quorum for standing committees
  • Revision to New Programs Council Membership
  • Adding Partner Accommodation language

The 2013-14 Faculty Handbook changes included:

  • Change in University Curriculum Committee (UCC) responsibilities and practices and responsibility for  curriculum development
  • Honors Designation in Majors and Minors
  • UCC and Faculty Salary and Budget Committee (FSBC) Collaboration
  • Restructuring of Graduate Council
  • Policy on the Establishment and Revision of AP Scores
  • Graduate Academic Policy on Reserved Course Numbers
  • Change in University Faculty Election reporting dates
  • Adjunct Faculty Title Change to Part-Time Faculty
  • Revised language on Collegiality and Faculty Mentoring

The 2012-13 Faculty Handbook changes included:        

  • Contents aligned with the Administrative Manual
  • Graduate Policies added         
  • Membership of some committees modified        
  • Addition of a Mentoring component for new faculty        
  • Changes to the Faculty Salary Adjustment Program        
  • Reordering of some sections     

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