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Michelle Glover, '14

Michelle Glover, '14

Title/Employer: Marketing & Communication Manager, Wolverine Building Group

Degree Earned/Emphasis Area: B.S. Advertising & Public Relations


1. What has your journey been since graduation?
Since graduation, I spent roughly three years working for the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce as an Events Project Manager where I oversaw the planning and execution of numerous Chamber events and programs. In early 2018 I joined Wolverine Building Group as Marketing & Communications Manager.

2. How has Grand Valley had a role in your journey?
Grand Valley equipped me with the skills and resources I needed to begin my career after graduation. The textbook knowledge, real world internship experience, and professional connections that Grand Valley provided, enabled me to get where I am today.
3. What is your favorite Grand Valley memory?
All the memories I made on campus with my roommates and friends. Whether we were catching a movie, exploring downtown Grand Rapids, or just lounging, we were always having fun.

4. What three words describe your experience at Grand Valley?
Rewarding. Empowering. Fun.

5. How, and why, have you stayed involved with Grand Valley since graduation?
I wasn't very involved with the university during my time at Grand Valley as I spent much of my time focused on my coursework and maintaining personal relationships. It wasn't until after graduation that I realized I missed out on a lot during my college years because I was not more involved with social organizations. As a result, I joined the Young Alumni Council in 2016 and became an active member of the Activities Committee. Now, as I begin my third year on the council, I hold a leadership role as Co-Chair of the Activities Committee. The council allows me to stay engaged with young alumni and gives me the opportunity to plan great events on behalf of the university.

6. Why are you proud to be a Laker for a Lifetime?
I'm proud to be a Laker for a Lifetime because Grand Valley has given me so many incredible opportunities for personal and professional growth, even after graduation.

7. What do you like to do for fun?
I love spending time with my dog, baking sweet treats, reading, watching movies, and visiting local beaches. I'm also a huge foodie and can usually be found dining at a local restaurant.

8. What is your favorite quote/motto to live by?
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do." - Mark Twain

9. What motivates you?
While I'm highly motivated by my friends and family, I'm even more driven by my own desire to be better each day than I was the day before. I'm a strong believer in growth, both personally and professionally, and I'm constantly striving to achieve it. It's the small, and sometimes seemingly meaningless things, that lead to big accomplishments.

10. What book or movie have you recently enjoyed?
A true kid at heart, I recently enjoyed the Incredibles 2 movie. Dare I say, it just might have been better than the first.

July 2018

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