Rideshare & Carpooling

Sharing a ride, or carpooling, is a great way to save money on your commute and reduce traffic congestion. Sharing the ride with just one other person can reduce your commuting costs by 50%. There are a number of ride-sharing options available to the GVSU community.

GVSU Enterprise CarShare Rental

Car sharing allows students, faculty and staff to rent a vehicle by the hour, providing a transportation option for those who do not have a vehicle on campus. GVSU Enterprise CarShare is available on the Allendale Campus.

West Michigan Ride-Share

West Michigan Rideshare is a service administered by The Rapid, provider of a variety of public transportation services for the Grand Rapids metro area and beyond. This system matches you up with other commuters to share the ride! Find carpooling partners by searching for others who live near you and have similar commute schedules. WM Rideshare is available to any member of the West Michigan Community, but GVSU now provides an "employer module" to search within the GVSU carpool listings. Available for student and employee use.

Click here to register for West Michigan Rideshare Carpool Matching

Rapid Vanpool

Rapid Vanpooling offers a shared ride to work for groups of at least four people with similar commuting patterns. The Rapid provides a vehicle, maintenance, insurance, 24-hour emergency roadside service, carwashes, and fuel. All costs of driving the van are included in the price. The more passengers enrolled in a vanpool, the lower the cost per person. For more information, visit the RapidVan website.

Page last modified August 2, 2017